SEC closes the Voter’s List, 1,814,263 people are eligible to vote


The State Election Commission (SEC) on Wednesday closed the Voter’s List ahead of the early parliamentary polls, slated for July 15.

1,814,263 people are eligible to vote in this month’s elections.

1,729,189 voters are registered in excerpts of the Voter’s List. People living and working abroad, a total of 83,054, are registered in separate registries.

Furthermore, 1,657 voters are registered who are serving prison sentence or are in detention. 357 voters are registered in nursery homes and six people are registered as being internally displaced voters.

People who will turn 18 on election day are also included in the Voter’s List as well as Macedonian nationals who will arrive in the country that same day.

People holding a valid ID or passport can exercise their right to vote. Kumanovo has registered the most voters – over 90,000.

Voters who have tested positive for COVID-19 have the right to vote on July 13. The sick, frail and voters with chronic illnesses can vote on July 14. They should register by July 8 at midnight at the latest.


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