Zaev in Struga: Let’s stay on the right track, regime will never return


Let’s stay on the right track. We proved that we can do much more and much better.
We have not only fulfilled our objectives but also built friendships. Today we are
NATO members and a country that received a decision for the start of EU accession
negotiations, said SDSM leader Zoran Zaev in Struga.
Zaev said all fronts are open and the regime will never return, adding that bold
decisions have been taken over the past 2,5 years, without considering the personal
and party ratings.
“Today we are a country recognized by the entire world. We have a property deed,
an ID at the United Nations. The legacy of our forefathers – to have a country
completely protected – has been fulfilled,” added Zaev.
The SDSM leader said a new 4-year term would demonstrate how an economy can
be successful.
“Give us a chance to deliver economic lessons. We have the resources, excellent
geographic position, wonderful climate, diligent people, education staff. Let’s show in
the next four years how things are done for the country, in a smart and planned way,
for the well-being and progress of people,” added Zaev.

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