Nikoloski: With the entry of the Zaev family in ​​the tobacco factory Strumica, the value and price of tobacco will be completely devalued


Тhe situation in agriculture is catastrophic, there is no sector in agriculture that can be said to be good. The purchase prices of agricultural products are catastrophically low, the green mafia sucks the labor of farmers, 5, 6 people in Macedonia have become millionaires and live richly, at the expense of all farmers who cannot make ends meet, says Aleksandar Nikoloski, holder of MP list in ED 4.

Nikoloski pointed out that the green mafia is exploiting the labor and suffering of farmers, pointing out that the future government of VMRO-DPMNE will strike a direct blow and will ban the import of tobacco in the country until domestic tobacco is purchased.

“Namely, that green mafia managed to lobby the ruling SDSM last year to pass amendments to the Law on Tobacco that will allow the import of tobacco before the purchase of domestic tobacco and so last year imported a huge amount of tobacco from Bulgaria and Albania. As a result, thousands of kilograms were left unmanaged. The second thing was blackmailed those who bought tobacco, first to accept a lower class, for example if it is a first class to accept a second class, and secondly they were not bought on time and the tobacco to temper, to go down the value, pointed out Nikoloski.

“I expect changes to take place on July 15 this year, but everyone who listens to us should know that if this government stays, there will be an even bigger catastrophe than the main reason that Macedonia annually produces 25 to 27 million kilograms of tobacco, the total amount of signed contracts for purchase, it is 22, which means that 5 million kilograms will remain not purchased this year and there will be even greater blackmail on those who will hand over the tobacco both in terms of price and in terms of class,” said Nikoloski.

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