SDSM turned into a mafia party, and Macedonia a mafia country


Zoran and Vice Zaev directly ordered the torching of cars of all those who are against their criminal and criminogenic policies, this was stated by VMRO-DPMNE’s Dimce Arsovski at today’s press conference.

“SDSM has turned into a mafia party, the Republic of Macedonia has become a mafia state, and the Zaev clan has been at the top of the mafia in the country for the past three years. Everyone knows this, they listen to it, they see it. And most importantly, it must end. From the video that came out through the media, we see that Vice Zaev directly ordered the torching of cars through their member of the underground from Bitola, Goran Dimovski-Tushnik. We do not expect Vice Zaev and Zoran Zaev to make friends with professors and academics, but that is why they have a job and socialize with people who have files, thick files in police documentation. Everyone hangs out with their own, in this case, criminals hang out with criminals. Goran Dimovski-Tushnik the first man of Vice Zaev, Zoran Zaev and Stojan Chifligaroski from SV Invest business who is actually a business partner of Vice Zaev, is a man with a suspicious portfolio, who has a file for several serious car thefts and heavy burglary in the Ministry of Interior. This is the circle of Zoran and Vice Zaev’s closest associates,” says Arsovski.

He adds that Goran Dimovski -Tushnikis the man who set vehicles fire, threatened and pressured at the behest of Vice and Zoran Zaev.

“Zaev’s attitude towards the country and the citizens is clear. It’s a mafia-market relationship unfortunately. Enough is enough. And this will stop immediately after the July 15 elections. Dear gentlemen of the Zaev clan, no one is afraid of you anymore and you will be held accountable for everything you have done for the past three years,” says Arsovski.

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