Authorities wiretapped activists, journalists, fan groups to make the name change referendum a success


Political activist Ljupco Palevski revealed at a press conference that in the period before the referendum, journalists, politicians and activists of the “Boycott” movement were wiretapped and monitored. The code name of the operation is “Atlantic” and it takes place in the period before the referendum when all opponents of the name change are monitored and against them are severe accusations of domestic terrorism and Macedonian extremism.

“It’s terrorism. This government was formed with terrorism. Terrorism has manipulated the people in the country. “Fortunately, thanks to the awareness of the Macedonian people, the referendum (to change the name) failed,” Palevski said.

Palevski offered evidence that the legislation and the judiciary satisfy the wishes of the bosses. UBK has opened a case under the name “Atlantic” allegedly for terrorism and Macedonian extremism. All “Boycott” activists are being monitored, photographed and filmed.

Palevski says that all rights have been violated and that all this has been documented. The case contained 1,400 pages and that there were patriots in the service who could no longer withstand the pressure, so they handed him the case, but also because of the trust they have in him.

In this case, as Palevski pointed out, he was wiretapped, as well as the leader of the opposition party GROM – Stefce Jakimovski, journalists and editors, the leader of the party Glas za Macedonia, Solza Grceva, the company for trade and real estate that cooperates with foreign diplomat representative offices of an activist for boycotting the referendum.

“That is, all those who were involved in the defense of the name on September 30, 2018 and against the illegal and illegitimate referendum. Everyone is included in the case as terrorists, so that this government can be legally covered for the wiretapping,” Palevski said.

Palevski pointed to Interim Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski as the most responsible for monitoring the boycott activists as then-interior minister, also Nikolovski, the director of the UBK, whom Palevski calls “Johnny Guitar”, and says he was appointed by then-US Ambassador Jess Baily to do all of this directly.

“That is why I am asking the EU and the US Embassy to protect my Macedonian rights, because I have only a formal state where I cannot protect myself. Our system has been hijacked, our system does not exist, our system is mafia-like,” Palevski said.

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