More than half of Skopje residents use their own car as their primary means of transportation


Most of the environmental footprint due to transportation stems from the use of private cars. According to a survey conducted by citizens of the city of Skopje, 56.65% use their own cars as a primary means of transportation to everyday destinations. As a result of driving in such conditions of heavy traffic jams, the combustion of fuels is greater and thus drastically increases the production of greenhouse gases, including CO2.

As published in the bulletin on the website of the City of Skopje –, sharing a vehicle to work with colleagues can help us avoid the Skopje everyday life: many vehicles, traffic chaos and nervousness, and most vehicles have only one person in them.

“If, instead of going to work alone, you share the vehicle with two or three other colleagues, using appropriate protection during this period, the number of vehicles on the streets will be reduced by one third.” How much easier it is to move around the city then, right? See if your employer allows you to work from home one day a week – so you can reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by a ton a year! For short trips we recommend walking or cycling – this will help you improve your health and reduce carbon. Driving 1.5 km of bicycle instead of car = 290 g CO2eq less in the air,” said the City of Skopje.

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