Convicted in “Racket” case accuses 40 officials and businessmen in a letter


Bojan Jovanovski continues to report criminal activities with the PPO. In a handwritten eight-pages-long statement, Jovanovski informed that the reports refer to holders of public office, members of their families, and businessmen.

The statement said that it was about 40 people, who according to the reports should be held accountable for abuse of office, fraud, giving false testimony.

Jovanovski’s lawyer Sasko Dukovski said he expected the prosecution to open investigations on the criminal charges filed after fully documenting the cases.

“We played a law-abiding state with the “Racket” case, but that farce was enough. Now is the time for real rule of law in a state where there is no saving. Now it is clear to all of us why my phone was not examined,” said in a statement Bojan Jovanovski, who even today presented evidence to the prosecution and reported criminal charges against officials for 20 crimes.

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