Poll: VMRO-DPMNE leads with 4% ahead of SDSM/BESA


The VMRO-DPMNE-led opposition coalition has a 4% lead over the ruling SDSM and the BESA movement coalition, according to a survey conducted by the Habeas Corpus Institute, published on Thursday.

According to a poll of the entire population, VMRO-DPMNE has 20.8 percent confidence in voters, while SDSM/BESA received the support of 18.6 percent of respondents.

4.9 percent would vote for DUI, followed by the Alliance of Albanians (in a coalition with Alternative) with 2.7 percent confidence. Other parties in the survey received 0.9 percent.

A high percentage of 22.2 percent of respondents said they would not vote for any party. They also did not want to vote for 17.8 percent, while 13.9 per cent did not respond.

The difference of four percentage points in favor of the opposition party is reflected more or less in the ratings of the holders of the candidate lists in five of the six constituencies of the two largest political groups in the country. In the sixth constituency, where the largest corps of the Albanian electorate is in the lead, is the BESA leader.

The poll also includes a question about citizens’ perceptions of how the country handles the coronavirus crisis compared to other countries in the region. As many as 67.3 percent believe that the current government is the worst at dealing with the coronavirus, compared to the minor 7 percent who think it is doing the best in the neighborhood.


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