Man caught with multiple ID cards for election bribery in Stip


Interior Minister Nake Chulev informed on Facebook of an election bribe in Stip.

Namely, after receiving operational information that the person D. A. from Stip has passports and ID cards of several persons of Roma nationality who were held as a pledge for a debt in his food store, and which debt would allegedly be settled if they vote for the political party SDSM on election day, by of the OEC at SIA Stip from the Judge of the preliminary procedure from the Basic Court Stip requested and received an order for search of the home and other premises of the specific person in order to provide material evidence and complete documentation of the event.

During the search of the grocery store, 4 A4 notebooks were found with a list of names, 69 biometric ID cards, 18 biometric passports, 18 old passports, 6 old ID cards, 1 residence permit and 1 health card, for which there is a reasonable suspicion that they are subject to the Criminal offense “Bribery during elections and voting” under Article 162 of the Criminal Code.

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