Sekerinska claims that court decisions were taken to Gruevski, Xhaferi asked her why he was not arrested


Why didn’t you arrest Nikola Gruevski if you claim that court decisions were handed to him? This question was asked by Talat Xhaferi to his opponent in the fifth celection district Radmila Sekerinska in the debate show on Telma TV.

“We have not commented on the decisions of the Constitutional Court for 11 years, and in 2015 we realized that we were wrong because for 11 years these were not court rulings, but rulings written in Gruevski’s office and announced through his secretary. In the many bombs, we heard how judges were elected in those courts and we were really in a situation up and down, deep down, if you intervene in the judiciary, you are the same as Gruevski, if you do not intervene, you let Gruevski’s tentacles still live in the judiciary” said Sekerinska.

Xhaferi again asked the same question to Sekerinska, emphasizing that by that logic everyone can say that court decisions are written by different people.

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