Thaci to propose forming of bicameral parliament in Macedonia


DPA leader Menduh Thaci, who is also first candidate on the list in the Election District 6, said he would advocate for being appointed deputy prime minister in the new government and for establishment of consensual democracy.

“I’ll propose the formation of a bicameral parliament to make sure all rights of the Albanians are guaranteed,” he told his supporters.

According to him, the pandemic could be eliminated in 30 days. “I have a precise plan, we will fight against the virus from day one with taxpayer’s money,” Thaci said, adding that health services must be restored to normal.

He said in front of the audience that, according to the large presence of citizens, it means that they forgave him for any possible mistakes.

“What is left to do now is go out on Wednesday July 15, with your own pen and mask, and vote for number 1 and Menduh Thaci and DPA,” Thaci said.

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