Situation in Kicevo turns tense – El Cheka’s father Mustafa Ahmedi attacked


A tense situation has come up in Kicevo on Election Day. El Cheka’s brother Blerim Ahmedi says “DUI gangs” attacked his father Mustafa Ahmedi. Ahmedi says the incident happened around 12:30 p.m.

“DUI bandit Ibrahim Kocja attacked my father on the orders of Ali Ameti,” Ahmedi wrote on Facebook. He told the media outlet Lajm that his father is currently in the Kichevo hospital and is not able to talk to the media. The case was reported to the Kicevo police. The photo posted on FB also shows face injuries on Mr. Muatafa Ahmedi. There is currently no official reaction from DUI regarding the incident.

El Cheka was known to the public for posting wiretapped telephone conversations with senior DUI officials.

Sekerim Ahmedi, El Cheka’s real name, lives in Chicago and is originally from the Kichevo village of Tuin.

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