Hackers send a message: "We do not forgive, we do not forget. Expect us."


In addition to hacking the website of the State Election Commission (SEC) and the
website of the news aggregator Time.mk for several hours on Wednesday, the
website of the Ministry of Interior was also hacked.
The Ministry of Interior informed that they are working on revealing the reasons for
the crash of the ministry’s website, which was out of order for several hours
yesterday, after which it was reactivated.
On Wednesday, a hack group hacked the site of the news aggregator Time.mk, and
posted a photo of a group calling itself Anonopsmkd under the motto "We do not
forgive, we do not forget. Expect us."
“Another "democratic election" has passed and as we can see the same story is
every 3-4 years only this time people go to the polls while everything falls apart. But
what could we do when the electorate is a huge parasite that only wants to suck from

the country’s teat while being seduced by the empty promises of all parties in this
beautiful country of ours,” reads part of the message sent by the hack group.

T. Coronavirus in Macedonia: 8,623 cases, death toll stands at 401

There were 830 tests performed over the past 24 hours, with 94 confirmed COVID-
19 cases, 42 patients have recovered, while 8 passed away, the Ministry of Health
said on Thursday.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Macedonia has registered 8,623 confirmed
coronavirus cases, while 4,603 people have recovered. The death toll stands at 401.
At the moment, there are 3,619 active cases across the country.

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