Low turnout of Macedonians gave 12 MP seats to the Albanian bloc


The latest unofficial data from the SEC showed that the Albanian parties in this
election, compared to the previous elections in 2016, won 12 more MPs. In the
previous composition, the Albanian bloc had 20 MPs, and with the current results
they have 32 MPs.
What is the reason for this progress of about 60 percent more compared to the
previous elections from 3.5 years ago?
The increased number is mostly due to the low turnout of the Macedonian
population, as opposed to the high turnout of the Albanian population, although the
diaspora, which is a constant of the previous ones, did not come to vote in these
This means, Macedonians staying at home and those over 31,000 voters, mostly
Macedonians redrawing the ballots, making them invalid are to blame for the new
parliamentary constellation.
Not only for the elections, experts say, with these results, now the Albanian
community in Macedonia has the right to claim that they are much more than 20%,
again postponing the census scheduled for next year.

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