Macedonia leader in coronavirus death toll in Europe


No country in Europe had a higher death toll than Macedonia on Thursday due to COVID-19 complications.

Eight deaths per population of just 2 million are far above all countries in Europe. In absolute numbers, Macedonia was on the 11th place yesterday. As for the region, Serbia, which has a population of 8.5 million, had 13 deaths, BiH – 5 with almost twice the population of Macedonia, and Bulgaria, which has more than three times the population, had 4 deaths.

A day earlier, on July 15, the day of the elections, the authorities conducted only 830 tests, but they did not rule out the number of 94 new cases, which means that over 10% of the tested patients were positive for COVID-19.

The total number diagnosed with the coronavirus reached 8,623, of which 4,603 are being treated by the Ministry of Health, and 3,619 are still carriers of the virus. The death toll has reached 401.

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