Deadline to file complaints to SEC expires Saturday at 7:30 pm, 82 complaints filed so far


The deadline to file complaints to the State Election Commission (SEC) over the
process of counting and verification of the early parliamentary election results
expires on Saturday at 7.30 pm.
SEC received Friday a total of 82 complaints and one request for inspection in the
invalid ballots.
According to SEC spokesperson Admir Shabani, the Alliance for Albanians has
submitted most of the complaints, a total of 74. Also, VMRO-DPMNE has filed two
complaints over counting of the election results.
On Friday, the deadline for complaints expired at 9 pm, i.e. 48 hours after the end of
the voting at the early parliamentary elections.
“After deadlines for complaints expire, the SEC will schedule a public session to
review and decide on the complaints received,” said SEC President Oliver Derkoski.

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