Kulavkova: It is scientifically unfounded to claim that the Macedonian language is a "written-regional norm of the Bulgarian language"


Academician Katica Kulavkova on July 7 addressed at her promotion of four volumes
dedicated to the Macedonian language. She will publish a longer version of this
issue in the fall in the journal of the Institute of Macedonian Language. The address
is entitled "Macedonian language – continuity in time and space" where it polemics
over current issues of the Macedonian language.
“In the 19th century there were attempts to standardize a common language based
on the Macedonian and the Bulgarian. Then scholar Parteniy Zografski proposed
that the basis for it is the south-western Macedonian dialect which he considered
more melodic than the Bulgarian. But the initiative was rejected by Bulgarian
scholars. In the aftermath, with the abolition of the Archbishopric of Ohrid and the
political and cultural domination by Greeks, and given the position European
countries took toward the Macedonian national issue, it is understandable that
attempts to move forward with the standardization of the Macedonian language were
thwarted,” Kulavkova says in her thesis.
Photo by: Zarko Culic

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