Taravari: If a census is conducted right now, it will turn out that in certain places there are more DUI voters than residents


Head of the election headquarters of the Alliance for Albanians Arben Taravari in a
statement for the Albanian language news agency INA, said that they will submit

dozens of complaints to the State Election Commission (SEC) for voting in Dolneni,
Plasnica, Bitola and Kicevo.
"We have clear cases of election fraud that took place from 7 pm to 9 pm. It is at that
moment that the incomprehensible difference in the results is made. The rigging
contributed to Dolneni DUI to get 2,200 votes and we only 200, in Plasnica, the result
is 2,000 for them 100 for us, which is out of the question. There are really many such
cases. "This also happened in Kicevo," Taravari said, disputing the unofficial results
announced by the SEC on Thursday.
"The difference is so great that it runs against all common sense. Or in certain polling
stations in Bitola, where there are very few or no Albanian voters and DUI has
hundreds of votes. This "rape" of votes is a practice that DUI repeats in every
election cycle. It is a sign of how far we are from democracy," Gostivar Mayor
Taravari said.
According to the former Minister of Health, if a census were conducted right now, it
would turn out that there were more DUI voters than people living in certain places.

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