DUI to demand mandate to form a government


Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs BujarOsmani in a statement to the Greek newspaper “Ethnos” said that DUI is a party that will seek the mandate to form a government, although SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE with their coalitions won thirty more MP seats in early parliamentary elections last Wednesday.

“However, the election results show that we will determine who enters our government and not someone else. Therefore, I estimate that DUI will be given a mandate to form a government and we will decide which party in North Macedonia will participate in our governing coalition,” Osmani said.

This surprising demand made by DUI comes after the party won 15 MP seats. Namely, neither SDSM with 46 MPs, nor VMRO-DPMNE with 44 MPs, will be able to form a government without DUI, because the coalition of the two largest parties in the country is almost ruled out. In addition, some announcements of possible support between the two Macedonian parties for a minority or coalition government by the Albanian DUI were followed by threatening intonations in terms of stability and security.

The only one who has denied this so far wasDeputy Foreign Minister Andrej Zernovski, who with his latest status on social media announces that DUI leaderAliAhmeti, is the one who will come to the negotiations at the headquarters of SDSM on “Bihac” street, and not the other way around – Zaev to go to Mala Recicain order to form a government.

“All roads lead to “Bihacka” and Zaev. When one reads the Constitution, laws and election results, there is only one truth – all roads lead to “Bihacka” and Zaev. Everything else is a just story for big kids and small politicians,” Zhernovski wrote on Facebook Saturday afternoon.

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