Record low level of capital investment – no money for hospitals, schools and kindergartens


In the first six months of this year, the realization of capital expenditures in the budget is 22.51 percent. According to the published data of the Ministry of Finance, out of the planned 319,921,656 euros as of June 30, 2020, 72,007,831 euros were realized.

The realization of capital expenditures of the Government is 15.72% of the planned. In six months, out of the planned 5,770,373 euros, 906,917 euros were spent. The Office for General and Common Affairs spent 1,232,140 euros out of the planned 2,647,154 euros or has a realization of 46.55 percent. The Ministry of Interior from January 1 to June 30 has realized capital expenditures of 8.84 percent or 1,574,810 euros out of the planned 17,812,461 euros. The Ministry of Justice has a realization of 40.16 percent or spent 69,671 out of 173,495 euros. The published data show that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs realized 3.86 percent of the capital investments or 7,475 euros out of 193,495 euros.

The realization of the Ministry of Finance is 58.87 percent or 6,137,065 euros, while the realization of this Ministry for state functions is 23.3 percent or 12,671,906 euros. The Ministry of Economy has a realization of 1.93 percent or 37,568 euros for six months, the Ministry of Environment 33.11 percent or 2,206,902 euros, the Ministry of Transport and Communications 25.94 percent or 16,673,702 euros.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy in the first six months realized 39.55 percent of capital expenditures in the amount of 2,987,080 euros, while the Agency for Financial Support in Agriculture and Rural Development realized 53.15 percent or 8,636,821 euro. The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy has a capital investment of 13.22 percent or 1,209,009 euros, the Ministry of Education realized 18.62 percent or 3,619,154 euros, MISA 22.08 percent or 287,961 euros.

The Ministry of Culture realized more than half, i.e. 55.65 percent, amounting to 1,018,033 euros.

The Ministry of Health in the first half of the year has realized capital investments of 22.15 percent. 5,231,604 euros were spent. The Ministry of Local Self-Government realized 4.11 percent or 6,519 euros.

Capital expenditures in the budget last year were realized by 78 percent compared to the projection.

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