SEC dismisses all complaints over early parliamentary polls


The State Election Commission (SEC) at a session on Sunday dismissed all 2,142 complaints filed by political parties over the early parliamentary polls.

Of a total of 1,982 complaints filed by Levica, SEC members dismissed 1,478 complaints because they didn’t have a signature by an authorized person and no stamp by a person in charge of submitting the lists of candidates running for a seat in Parliament.  As regards the remaining 504 complaints filed by Levica, SEC members dismissed them noting that they weren’t backed by evidence and the text contained in the explanation was the same for all complaints.

SEC also dismissed all complaints lodged by the Alliance for Albanians, saying they weren’t backed by evidence, as well as those filed by Democrats, SDU, Integra, Workers’ Party – MORO, and VMRO-DPMNE.

Some of the parties whose complaints were dismissed had requested inspection into the election material, as well as into the invalid ballots, but again not backed by evidence.

SEC’s decisions can be appealed to the Administrative Court.

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