Macedonia will have less than a million inhabitants by 2100


Macedonia will have less than a million inhabitants by year 2100.

The Lancet scientific journal published a study of 25 scientists on the movement of the population by 2100, in which the prognosis for Macedonia are far from positive. Depending on the scenario, the projections are that in 80 years from now Macedonia will have at least 920,000 inhabitants and 1,270,000 inhabitants at most.

The prognosis of the team of scientists who made the study is made according to two models. The first basically follows current trends in the country’s fertility rate, mortality and migration. The second model, which also provides lower forecasts, follows the UN goals for sustainable development, which should basically mean universal secondary education for all inhabitants of the planet and the availability of contraception for women.

Bulgaria has the most extreme prognosis in the region.

The country had a population of 7,050,000 in 2017, which is the “peak” that the country will never reach again. According to the “optimistic” scenario, 2,620,000 people will live in Bulgaria in 2100, while according to the “pessimistic” scenario, the population will be 2,280,000.


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