Arsovski: It is time for VMRO-DPMNE to get rid of “profiteers” like Ivica Konevski!


It is good that Ivica Konevski came up with a stance, otherwise the picture of a “profiteer” from VMRO-DPMNE would not be complete, wrote VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimce Arsovski on Facebook, regarding the address of the former mayor of Aerodrom from the ranks of the party.

“Obviously, his career in law is doing so badly that he now wants to change his profession and return to politics, where in the last years of his career he did even worse than his law career is now,” Arsovski said.

He said that no one should try to write the names of “profiteers”, as they will show up on their own.

“Now about the essence, these people who demand the removal of party leader Hristijan Mickoski are in fact the infamous baggage that VMRO-DPMNE was dragging as a weight in the abyss, and secretly prayed and worked for SDSM to win both the referendum and the elections.

I, as well as the entire membership, think that it is time to unload that baggage, because VMRO-DPMNE is much more than those characters who, when they say change, think of it – to run the party that then and now they see as DOOEL for money and business. And, I hear, they have already divided functions, so Ivica would be a secretary (adding a “smiley”).

It’s good mental gymnastics of the illusion that they should know that the household calculations and the market one never coincide.

Do you know why? Because VMRO belongs to the people, to the members who are with the party during all the ups and downs,” said Arsovski, and added:

“And all those who fill the pro-government media with mouths full of hatred towards VMRO, and at the same time call for unity at a time when VMRO-DPMNE is trying to form a government, actually have the task to help Zaev.

Well, isn’t it strange that Ivica Konevski, and all the others behind whom affairs, scandals and suspicions run, have no problem with the law and not a single report?

Isn’t it strange that the man they call the “neighbor” in Aerodrom has not had a word to say against Zoran Zaev and Zlatko Marin for 3 years, and today he is starting philosophical debates about VMRO-DPMNE?

Ivica Konevski‘s worth was seen in the elections in 2017, i.e. he “weighs” minus 4,000 votes. Fortunately he did not work in the campaign now, so things came to their place and the Municipality of Aerodrom with all the settlements is again a winner and a bastion.
In the end, Mickoski will leave behind all these people who are part of the baggage of VMRO-DPMNE. From that moment on, he belongs to Zaev.

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