Macedonian “Anonymous” hacker group takes DuaLipa’s website down


After Thursday’s messages ANONOPSMKD on the pages of the Ministries of Health and Education and Science, in which they express their revolt due to the negligence for the health and life of the people, the hacker group informed that they took down the official site of the British singer of Albanian origin DuaLipa.

The hacker group announced on Twitter that it had taken the official website of DuaLipa down in a sign of revolt and that it would not be operational for an hour, thus wanting to prove that they really have power to all those who do not believe they have the capacity for great things.

Their reaction follows the photos Lipa posted on social media about “Greater Albania”, which covers territories from all neighboring countries as well as Macedonia, and messages about Kosovo, and at the expense of the British singer of Albanian origin DuaLipa, an avalanche of reactions arrived from the region, but also from all over the world.

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