Reduced areas with wheat, tobacco and tomatoes, decline in the number of livestock


The areas with wheat, tobacco and tomatoes have been reduced, the number of livestock has been reduced, and the production of all types of meat except pork has been reduced, the statistics show.

According to the latest issue “North Macedonia in Figures” published by the State Statistical Office, only areas with apples and vines have increased, but the yield varies.

When it comes to the leading strategic agricultural crops, in 2009 under wheat were 88,151 hectares, in 2014 76,686, while last year a total of 68,847 hectares. Tobacco, from 17,800 hectares in 2009 and 17,756 hectares in 2014, was reduced to 16,679 in 2019, while tomatoes from 5,731 hectares in 2009 and 5,720 in 2014 were represented on 5,497 hectares last year.

According to “North Macedonia in Figures”, last year out of the total available 1,264,578 hectares of agricultural land, 519,848 were arable. 418,823 hectares are registered under arable lands and gardens, 16,784 under orchards, 24,468 under vineyards, 59,773 under meadows and 743,991 hectares under pastures.

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