Country’s healthcare system is on the verge of collapse


The number of new coronavirus cases is increasing each coming day, said Dr. Andon Chibishev at Tuesday’s press conference.

“Shtip, the city of the textile industry according to the last published figures is the second municipality in the number of new coronavirus cases. The number of active cases in the city is close to 500. Neither epidemiologists nor infectious disease experts expect the number of new cases to decrease in the coming days. But this is not a trend only in this city, but in all other cities across the country. The number is increasing in smaller municipalities that did not record new cases, says the doctor.

He adds that even the loudest officials for respecting the measures have failed to respect them.

“The authorities do not know the clusters either, they do not know the sources that spread the disease. They do not know what is happening to us, whether this is the peak of the first wave, or whether it is the second or what is happening to us today,” says Chibishev.

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