Gashi: If Ziberi is not elected PM, DUI should to step aside and let us start government negotiations


The Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) should try to accomplish their idea for Albanian PM because it’s what won them MP seats. If they fail, they need to step aside and let the Alliance for Albanians and Alternativa coalition start negotiations. However, Zijadin Sela and I have agreed not to enter government formation talks until DUI loses its legitimacy, Alternativa leader Afrim Gashi told Slobodna TV’s Morning Briefing show on Wednesday.

He stressed that the Alliance for Albanians and Alternativa coalition presented during the election campaign a program based on the “one country for all” principle.

“We opposed DUI’s Albanian PM idea, deeming it solely symbolic. We can’t lie to our voters now to defend this concept,” Gashi said regarding DUI leader Ali Ahmeti’s call for all parties to support his idea. He underlined that narrow election victory was to be expected both in the Macedonian and Albanian bloc.
“DUI seem to be most surprised by their results. But, it’s clear they won seats through bribery and theft,” Gashi said.

However, he added, the State Election Commission and the Administrative Court have legitimized MP seats. There’s only one thing that matters now – legitimacy. Once a party has failed to deliver on promises it loses its legitimacy to be part of the government,” said Gashi.


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