DUI: There were no talks, no details were agreed with SDSM


The established post-election agreements with SDSM and other parties are collegial, friendly, initial, certainly for the good of the country and its citizens. Details of the talks, as presented, have neither taken place nor been agreed with either side, Ali Ahmeti’s party claimed after the Koha daily newspaper reported today that an agreement had been reached on a new government and a rotating prime minister.

“DUI is a transparent party and develops all processes by involving and informing the citizens. At the moment, none of the many news in the media has been confirmed by us, however, when we have something concrete, we will inform you in a timely manner,” reads DUI’s reaction.

According to the daily Koha, the framework for government cooperation for the next four years has already been set – the SDSM-BESA coalition will form a coalition with Ali Ahmeti’s DUI, and the DPA will be part of the government, led by Menduh Thaci.

Koha reports that officials from both political parties have confirmed that the formalization of the coalition will take place after August 4, when Zaev, Ahmeti and Bilal Kasami are expected to announce the next government at a public meeting.

Koha also learns that an agreement has been reached for the post of Prime Minister – for SDSM for three years and one year for DUI.

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