Commission for Infectious Diseases recommends reopening of kindergartens


At today’s meeting, the Commission for Infectious Diseases gave a recommendation for the kindergartens in the country to start working. The commission told that the permit applies to both state and private institutions that care for preschool children.

“We believe that the kindergartens meet the conditions in which the children will be taken care of. Only 4 to 5 such institutions in the whole country do not meet the required criteria, but we cannot keep all kindergartens closed at the expense of just a few. It is time for the little ones to return to the institutions, and for the parents to start working regularly. It is essential to make more control, the children to be reduced in some way in the groups, in this regard, the private kindergartens practically fully meet the criteria “, says Dr. Aleksandar Stojanov, member of the Commission for Infectious Diseases and director of the Center for Public Health.

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