Spasovski expects Government to be formed soon, no new elections in autumn


Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski says he expects the new SDSM-led Government to be formed very soon and adds that accusations by the opposition VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski over buying of MPs are nonsense, while stressing there will be no new elections.

“We are serious in our actions and we will behave in such a way when forming the government. Discussion and dialogue, acceptance of the principles we promote – this is the foundation upon which we will seek for the support of MPs. I expect this to happen very soon after the Parliament’s formation. Mickoski is changing positions on a daily basis. The other day he said he was forming the parliamentary majority and now he says new elections. The elections are now over and there is a clear winner – SDSM. We will form the next Government,” Spasovski said.

Regarding any unofficial discussions on the new Government, he reiterates that the SDSM-led coalition will launch such talks after the Republic Day-Ilinden holiday on August 2.

“Of course there is communication with political parties, but the official talks over the parliamentary majority and the Government will start after Ilinden, with pro-European parties that have a vision for the country,” says Spasovski.

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