Citizens demand withdrawing of decision to increase electricity price


The revolt of the citizens does not subside after the Energy Regulatory Commission yesterday increased the price of electricity by 7.4%. Everyone is mobilized. Citizens on social media have launched an online petition to abolish the increase in electricity, reduce the VAT on electricity from 18% to 5% and abolish the high tariff.

The initiative “Youth for Macedonia”, among other things, seeks to establish a fund to cover the accounts of people with financial difficulties, which will be financed by the profit of the universal supplier EVN HOME, as well as guaranteed purchase of electricity from solar panels of households. The requests are addressed to the Regulatory Commission, the Parliament, the Ministry of Economy, the Government and the President. The petition has so far been signed by over 3 thousand citizens.

“It is time to increase the prices of products and services in the Republic of Macedonia as a consequence of the increase in the price of electricity. Should we pay the same price as the citizens of Denmark and Luxembourg who have salaries of 4,000 euros, compared to our average of 380 euros? That is why, people, we are starting to resist. Sign and share the petition to abolish the increase in electricity and reduce the VAT to 5%”.

The Consumers’ Organization also spoke out against the increase in electricity prices. They complain about why the authorities prepared a bad surprise for the citizens in the peak of the corona crisis. They say the decision came unexpectedly and without proper consultation.

Currently, Macedonia has more expensive electricity than Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Ukraine.

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