(VIDEO) Mass parties without any epidemiological measures in Gradishte


A Facebook user posted a video from the Gradiste beach in Ohrid.

According to the video commentary, the partyattended by a large number of young people that took place at this Ohrid beach, happened on Sunday.

What is worrying, and what can be noticed on the video, is that despite the large number of coronavirus patients in Macedonia, young people do not follow the recommendations and measures for keeping a physical distance and wearing protective masks.
The Market Inspectorate in Ohrid is preparing criminal charges against the owners of bars in Gradishte, which will be submitted to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office. They say they found the presence of many people in a very small space.

Македонскиот Вухан#Охрид #градиште

Публикувахте от Iko Aprilia в Неделя, 2 август 2020 г.


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