Half of the companies believe that there is corruption in public procurement


Behind closed doors, state institutions signed a total of 368 contracts worth 40 million euros last year without releasing a public ad. Although the number of concluded contracts is smaller than in 2018, their value is higher, according to a report by the Center for Civil Communications. According to them, the fact that 48 percent of the companies stated that there is corruption in public procurement is worrying.

“Continuation of state institutions to use the lowest price as a criterion for selection of the most favorable bid, in 97 percent of tenders the lowest price is used, and also in 94 percent the electronic auction is used again. Although both are not mandatory with the new law on public procurement and were pointed out as the biggest problems, but whether it is the easiest or the easiest way to manipulate tenders, these two are used again,” said German Filkov, President of the Center for Civil Communications.

The problem for the companies is the extensive documentation that the institutions require, and on the other hand they wait an average of seven months to collect the funds for the already completed procurement. According to the report, the number of tenders that were announced and canceled has increased. That is, every fourth announced tender was annulled, which according to the Center for Civil Communications raises suspicions for the use of abuses and manipulations.

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