SDSM: The party conducts serious government formation talks


SDSM has started serious negotiations for formation of a four-year government, supported by stable parliamentary majority, set to focus on fight against crime and corruption on all levels, the party said in a press release Thursday.

“The new government will have the task to bring order and discipline in institutions and eliminate crime and corruption at all levels. Together, we’ll implement a system for inspecting the origin of every office holder’s finances and corrupt persons will be sanctioned,” the press release read.

According to the party, heads of institutions have to be honest and transparent, therefore, the work-related expenditures of executive, local and judicial office holders will be publicly disclosed.

“Citizens entrusted us at July 15 election to fight crime and corruption – enemies of the people and institutions. In the next four-year term, we’ll prove that we can work harder and better in citizens’ best interest,” the press release read.

“It will be confirmed in the coming days when the mandate from President StevoPendarovski is received and when the act of voting in the parliament comes. SDSM has secured a majority to form a government,” said the interlocutor, but in the interest of the process did not give details about the partners of the “We can” coalition.

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