Dangerous chemical to be relocated from Skopje this autumn


The Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning denies the information that was recently published on social networks regarding the danger of the tank in which it is stored waste vinyl chloride monomer in the area of ​​the former OHIS factory.

“On July 29, 2020, the State Inspectorate of Environment published a full report of inspections in the legal entity Eco Center 97, Skopje, regarding the implementation of the project for safe removal of chemicals from locations and production plants of AD Ohis – Skopje “, which the MoEPP shared on its communication channels,” said the Ministry.

The MoEPP shared the key information from the Report, including that a high degree of safety of the tank is ensured by installing a cooling system that is set to maintain the temperature of the tank in accordance with the regulations for storing this type of chemical in a pressure vessel.

For sub-transfer and dislocation of vinyl chloride monomer, several subcontractors have been hired who are working together on a complete solution of the problem, as follows: agreements have been signed with a legal entity-Incinerator (waste incinerator) from Germany (SUEZ SonderabfallgesellschaftmbH, Schkopau, Germany) with a company specializing in the transfer of this type of hazardous waste from France (Curium SAS, Montagne, France), and with a transport company from Bulgaria that has all the necessary permits for the transport of hazardous waste through EU countries.

In the circle of the former one of the largest chemical facilities in the former Yugoslavia, in November 2019 there was an incident with the leakage of the toxic substance methanol. Former employees of the complex, located three kilometers from the center of Skopje, warned that the chemicals left for decades are not destroyed, but repackaged and sold.

According to the report of the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius from 2017, it was determined that in the factory at that time there were about 20 tons of chemicals of unknown composition, as well as tens of tons of vinyl chloride, methanol, methyl acrylate monomer, peroxide initiator.

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