Chinese Ambassador Zuo meets PM Spasovski: Support in dealing with health crisis


PM Oliver Spasovski held a meeting on Thursday with the Chinese Ambassador to North Macedonia Zhang Zuo and underscored high level of solidarity and good cooperation between the two countries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the meeting, Ambassador Zuo conveyed Chinese PM Li Keqiang’s greetings to PM Spasovski, during which they assessed that our country is coping well with the health and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Spasovski thanked China for its assistance in medical supplies and for its shared experiences in dealing with the coronavirus, and he looked forward to further cooperation.

They have expressed readiness to further promote cooperation within the 17+1 initiative, in the areas of agriculture, infrastructure, energy, education and culture, Government’s Press Office said.

At the meeting, it was highlighted that China is committed to multilateralism and in this regard supports our country’s progress towards Euro-Atlantic integration.

“The government in conditions of global health crisis, has successfully organized and conducted fair and democratic elections, as befits a NATO member country, which is in the process to begin EU accession talks. I expect new government to be formed within the constitutional and legal deadlines, which will continue on the path of European integration. The new government is to be strongly committed to the economy, aimed at improving the quality of life of all citizens,” Spasovski said.

Moreover, Zuo and Spasovski agreed to further develop the economic relations between the Republic of Macedonia and the People’s Republic of China, press release read.

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