Electricity price hike is a political decision


Former adviser to the Ministry of Finance Branimir Jovanovic considers the increase in electricity price to be a political decision, and is even more concerned about what is being done to satisfy the three large monopoly companies EVN, ESM and MEPSO.

“The explanation given by the Regulatory is quite clumsy to me. I can practically not believe that the price of electricity can be increased as permitted by the bills, the methodology. And the laws allow the price of electricity to rise in such a crisis, but do not allow it to fall. That is a practically unacceptable explanation for me. And I think it is simply an inappropriate explanation in a situation like this, and a solution must be found,” Jovanovic said.

According to Jovanovic, it is quite worrying that such a major decision is transferred to a technical body.

“This is the biggest economic decision made in the last ten years, much bigger than the progressive tax, for example, and it is worrying that such a decision is transferred to a technical commission, to a technical body such as the Energy Regulatory Commission, when everyone understands that this affects all citizens… This is obviously a political decision, this is a decision that has major political and social consequences. And behind it must stand the Government, the Parliament. Such a decision could not be made before the election because they were aware that they would lose points. And, on the other hand, they should not wait for the new government, so that that government bears responsibility for this, but they are doing this in a period between two governments. Which is very worrying,” Jovanovic added.

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