The case of the passengers to Finland who transit through Macedonia discredits us as a country


According to the Ministry of Health, these are travelers, emigrants, who come to Macedonia, or transit through Macedonia for various reasons, and then return to work in Western Europe, for which restrictions on entry and exit from the country do not apply with a residence permit or EU citizenship.”

The question is whether the competent institutions make any control over the passengers who land in Macedonia, who are transiting and continuing to another destination, asked VMRO-DPMNE.

For travelers transiting through The Republic of Macedonia, the question is whether the airport is fully open and whether they have been tested at all from the destination they come from, does anyone control them with us or do they fly directly to the next destination?

Is there any control or responsibility for such a case that potentially further discredits us as a country in terms of the way we manage the COVID-19 crisis? –  added the VMRO-DPMNE Center for Communications.

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