Opposition warns of another negative response from the EU if Zaev forms the new government


The Vice President of the Civic Option for Macedonia (GROM) Ljupcho Prendzov said that if the SDSM leader Zoran Zaev forms the government again, the response of the European Union for Macedonia will be negative yet again, and the citizens will be left hanging for a long time.

Prendzov reminded that the elections held on July 15 were preceded by the EU decision not to set a date for negotiations with Macedonia, and that that was the essence of why the early parliamentary elections had happened.

“If our country shows up in Brussels a year later with the Zaev-Ahmeti duo again, my personal opinion is that we will get the same or worse answer than the one we received last year and I am very sorry that if this government succeeds, I think that the citizens of The Republic of Macedonia will be left hanging for a long time, we will not be able to feel part of the European values ​​for a long time to come,” Prendzov said.

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