Finance Minister withdrew her money two months before the collapse of Eurostandard Bank


Did Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska use inside information that the Eurostandard bank will go under in order to withdraw her deposit on time, according to her personal financial records, which will be subject to investigation by the State Anti-Corruption Commission.

According to her personal financial records, published by the Anti-Corruption Commission, she has a 200,000 euro deposit in Eurostandard from 2014 and a 51.2 thousand euro foreign currency deposit in the same bank from 2017. There is a foreign currency deposit of 33.73 thousand euros in UNI Bank since 2015. There are other smaller foreign currency and denar accounts.

Angelovska withdrew her deposit from the Eurostandard Bank, according to the changes in her financial records, in January and June this year, i.e. the last change was made just two months before the National Bank of Macedonia (the country’s central bank) revoked the bank’s license.

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