Opposition accuses companies close to the government of involvement in financial scandals


Representatives of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE on Friday presented data and suspicions that the Universal Electricity Supplier pays security at twice higher prices than before and that the difference ends up in the pockets of the government, as well as companies from the city of origin of SDSM leader Zoran Zaev whose family owns dozens of companies that had taken out unsecured loans from the liquidated Eurostandard Bank earlier this week.

“For several days there has been complete silence about the suspicion of pumping money from the universal electricity supplier through the Strumica security company, due to which the citizens will pay much more for electricity,” said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimce Arsovski.

According to the documents cited by the aforementioned security agency “through which the money reaches the Zaev family” received 17 million euros from the universal supplier alone, and a total of 21m euros from the universal supplier and the state combined.

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