Education union says schools should determine what kind of teaching they will conduct due to the epidemic


Jakim Nedelkov, President of SONK, the union representing educators and school employees, believes that each school board should decide for itself how it will conduct classes in the new school year, as the epidemic situation creates different criteria on a local new basis.

“It is clear to us and the public and it is clear that working conditions are not the same in all schools at the national level, so, in my opinion, one model should not be unified that will apply to all. They are different on many grounds… We have schools with appropriate conditions for conducting this or that teaching, schools that are unsuitable, so we have a local environment, i.e. parents and students do not have the technical ability to attend specifically online teaching, etc. So, all this is individual and for us as a Trade Union, it would be most appropriate to accept the solution that will best suit the local level, “said Nedelkov.

In an interview with Radio Free Europe, he announces that the active trainings in the schools for application of online teaching will start on Monday.

“It seems that online teaching will be inevitable or maybe combined teaching where part of the schools will work online, part with the physical presence of students and staff, i.e. teachers, but even in only one same school the teaching will be combined. Some parents will say they want to let their children physically attend school, maybe other parents will say yes to online classes, so teachers will have to be prepared for online classes anyway,” says the head of SONK.

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