SDSM and DUI continue government formation negotiations


Constructive meetings between SDSM and DUI are continuing on Sunday, towards ensuring a stable Government with a full four-year term, one that will deliver and realize long-awaited objectives of citizens.

SDSM said in a press release that after parties established the coalition principles and commitments for a possible future joint government, today’s discussions are focusing on harmonization of the winning electoral programs of both parties, towards creating a four-term program tackling the economy, justice, equality and integration.

Progress and principled consent has been achieved with regards to the distribution of departments in the future coalition. Both parties are committed to putting forward capable and honest individuals who will fully realize the program during a four-term term. Party bodies, secretary-generals and spokesmen will immediately brief the public on all new information arising from the negotiations, urging the public and media not to consider speculations. Both parties expect a final agreement to be reached in the coming days.

The consultations between the two parties began after President Stevo Pendarovski on Thursday handed the mandate for government formation to SDSM leader Zoran Zaev. Talks between the two parties began on Thursday afternoon, with a three-hour meeting between Zaev and DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, which in a joint statement was described as constructive and productive and laid the foundations for “progress towards a coalition agreement for a new European government dedicated to European integration, economy, equality and the rule of law.”

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