Panovski: Schools should have been reopened on August 15


The state is making a big mistake by considering postponing the beginning of the school year, says Dr. Nikola Panovski, one of the top microbiologists in the country.

According to Panovski, the children should have started classes earlier while it was still possible to keep the classrooms ventilated.

“It is illogical to postpone the beginning of school year. The schools should have been reopened on August 15, giving them two months of open-air classes. September is not so dangerous for ventilation of the classrooms with open windows, and still keep classes partially outside. A major blow is expected after November 15, when the heating season begins. Then it is very important to stop gathering in schoolyards and not celebrate birthdays, it would be epidemiological bombs and one child could transmit the virus up to 10 children,” said Panovski.

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