Macedonia with the most coronavirus deaths in Europe


Macedonia still holds the European record in terms of mortality caused by the coronavirus. According to the latest data, in all of Europe only Montenegro, which has just over 600,000 inhabitants and two dead yesterday, had worse statistics than Macedonia. Just over 3 victims per million inhabitants were registered in this country yesterday. Second in Europe is Macedonia with 2.5 deaths per million inhabitants, followed by Romania with just under two.

The country is in the top 10 in Europe and according to the total number of deaths per million inhabitants since the beginning of the crisis. The worst picture is in Belgium, where nearly 10,000 people have died since March, or 857 victims per million. Macedonia is in ninth place with a total of 544 victims or 261 deaths per million inhabitants.

The reduced number of tests during yesterday dropped the number of new cases below 100, but what is positive is the decrease in virulence, i.e. the fact that less than 10% of the conducted tests gave a positive result. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health has conducted a total of over 120,000 tests, every tenth of which was positive.

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