Forensic expert for the April 27 case did not have a license and worked on pirated software


The first of the three so-called experts who are to testify before the court today, at the trial for the events of April 27, admitted that he does not own a license for a forensic expert, i.e. that he is not an expert and instead of an examination, as prosecutor VilmaRuskoska tries to present it, prepared a report.

In order for a case to be reported and used as evidence in court, it must be reported by a person with an expert license, and everything else cannot be treated as relevant evidence.

This is a serious and gross violation of the procedure, i.e. an attempt by Ruskoska as an examination to present something prepared by a person who is not an expert – which is contrary to the law on criminal procedure.

Additionally, the person asked by the lawyers admitted that in analyzing what he was given “for expertise” (although he is not an expert), he used two computer programs, of which one program also did not have a license.

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