Opposition demands investigation of the suspicions about the 21 million euros pumped into SDSM


The Strumica Security Agency for the past 2 years has been holding tenders at the expense of the citizens in the amount of over 21 million euros, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson DimceArsovski at today’s press conference.

“The increase in the price of electricity is a result of the high tenders won by the Strumica Agency for Provision from the universal electricity supplier. The same happens with the public money they receive through tenders from the municipalities led by SDSM, SOZR and other institutions led by SDSM. Over 21 million euros of citizens’ money are pumped out by institutions and the universal supplier, the citizens pay a higher price of electricity and the citizens sink into poverty.The Anti-Corruption Commission, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the regulatory commissions are all silent and will not face crime for months, they are accomplices in a way,” said Arsovski.

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