Sela and Gashi: We will fight to overthrow this government as soon as possible in a legitimate and legal way


The leaders of Alliance for Albanians and Alternativa Zijadin Sela and Afrim Gashi at today’s press conference in front of the Parliament stressed that the duration of the next government will be very short because, as they said, it lacks the basic pillar – legitimacy.

“The future government formed with DUI will not have the basic pillar, and that is legitimacy. That government based on manipulations, lying, buying, a captive state will lack that pillar of legitimacy and we will be here as a coalition to fight against it, because this government, with one or two glass legs, will stand and we are convinced they would not be able to survive very long,” Gashi said.

Alliance for Albanians leader Zijadin Sela said that their opponent DUI does not have that legitimacy, because, as he pointed out, “they abused it, stole it, bought the will of the citizens with money”.

“DUI may be part of the government, but it will mean that Albanians will be even more captured and intimidated. What is democracy for when you do not give freedom to those who voted for you. It will not be easy for them. Let it be clear to them, they will have a great opponent, to know that we are ready to retaliate against them by the same measures as they behave, and there will be resistance from our coalition together with the citizens, together with the Albanians,” said Sela.

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