Zaev will hand the Prime Minister post to DUI in the last 100 days of the 4-year term


SDSM and DUI leaders Zoran Zaev and Ali Ahmeti shared details about the meeting after reaching an agreement on a government coalition.

The leaders said they had agreed that the caretaker government would be abolished, with a technical prime minister and ministers. Instead, in the last 100 days of his mandate, Zoran Zaev will resign from the position of Prime Minister, and then the Prime Minister will come at DUI’s proposal.

“When we abolish the caretaker government, at the end of my 4-year term, 100 days before the regular parliamentary elections, all parties will be fair and equal. At the suggestion of DUI will come the Prime Minister who will perform the function of Prime Minister in those 100 days,” said Zaev.

DUI leader Ahmeti, when asked why he gave up on the Albanian PM idea, said that the idea was to bring citizens closer.

“The idea was for getting closer, a message for Albanians to take responsibility for a common state. I must admit Zaev for his courage and I welcome that there will be an Albanian Prime Minister in the last 100 days of this Government, said Ahmeti, adding that the idea was to bring citizens and communities closer, not to separate.

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