It would be a cowardly act for Mickoski to resign now that Zaev is terrorizing the country


After SDSM’s calls for Hristijan Mickoski to resign from the leadership VMRO-DPMNE, as he promised before the elections, the opposition party responded Friday that it would be a cowardly act.

Asked by reporters at today’s press conference to comment on SDSM’s demands for Mickoski’s resignation, party spokesperson Dimce Arsovski said that this question has already been answered before by the party, by VMRO-DPMNE leader Mickoski, etc.

“It would be a cowardly act to resign in these circumstances, when ZoranZaev and SDSM literally terrorize and rob the whole country. So I think this is a finished topic to which we would not have to add as much as possible, so that we can better focus on the crime committed by SDSM,” said Arsovski.

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